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About Tricia Hood

My Story...

Hi there, I’m Australian artist Tricia Hood and I love painting in watercolour, acrylics and drawing. Inspiration comes from my rural property in the scenic Adelaide Hills, in South Australia where I live and work from my studio. 

My love of art began early…

The earliest memory I have is as a 10yo, being in hospital just before Christmas. The nurses asked me to draw a picture for their office and I was given a Christmas card with a picture of Santa to use as inspiration. I don’t recall having an interest in drawing previous to this, but the reaction of the nurses to my drawing left a lasting impression. It was the first time I’d experienced the impact that art has on people. My parents encouraged my gift and throughout my teens I loved to draw. I’ll never forget the feeling of getting my first ‘professional’ drawing pencils and ink-nib pens from my draftsman father. Art was my favourite subject at school and I was keen to explore different mediums. My first introduction to working with metal was when I chose jewellery-making in Yr12 Art. I was tutored by renown silversmith, John Cherry.

The pause and the awakening …

Despite aspirations of going to art school, I took a traditional career path in Administration. After the birth of my first child in 1990, I took up folk art. However, a growing family left little time so my painting was put on the back-burner again. You can read more about this in my journal.

In 2017, the overwhelming desire to be creative could no longer be ignored. I started painting with acrylic paints & mixed media. In late 2018, after a short course in botanical illustration, I discovered an affinity with watercolour and florals.

Tricia Hood, Australian Watercolour and Acrylic Artist
Floral watercolours by Tricia Hood

The Artwork

The Mediums I Use

I love experimenting with different mediums. My paintings to date have been in acrylic, watercolour and mixed media, and through our fabrication business I created some sculptures in corten steel. Bucking against the trend of CNC metal art, I chose to stick with hand drawing my designs direct to the steel panels, and cut with a hand held plasma cutter. So each artwork is unique. Because painting is less physically demanding, I’ve decided to focus mainly in this field.

Influences & Inspiration

The subjects of artwork are influenced by nature. Flowers and birds are my favourite subjects but I also love still life. The style of my paintings ranges from whimsical and contemporary art to realism. The watercolours lean towards the realism of botanical art, with acrylic paintings looser and more impressionistic in style.

My goal is to build a collection of work that reflects the beauty and intricacy of nature, along with paintings that evoke memories and feelings of home and nurture. A reaction often expressed by clients when they see the vintage teacups. Nature is healing and being amongst it grounds me. I don’t believe art has to have a meaning but hope it evokes a memory or feeling in the viewer that resonates with them. 

I’ve neglected my creative side, so now it’s time to nurture and share my dormant gift. The feedback I’ve had from complete strangers on my Facebook and Instagram pages has encouraged me to put my work out there. So here I am!

Art Exhibitions

  • “Farm to Market Town”, SALA Exhibition, Mt Pleasant Farmer’s Market 2018
  • Hills Art Collective, Mt Barker 2018
  • “Hot Stuff”, Group exhibition, Top of the Torrens Gallery, Birdwood 2021
  • “All Kinds of Beautiful”, Top of the Torrens Gallery, Birdwood 2022
"It’s time to realise my dream and release the artist. To dream, to create, to be."
Tricia Hood artist profile image
Tricia Hood

History of Tricia Hood's Art over the decades ...

Early work: sketch of possom. Part of kept artwork c1977, at age12
Trompe L'oeil chest of drawers
Decorative art: lilies, camellias & carnations on sides, lace handkerchief & ribbon on drawers. Tricia Hood c1992
Variety of more recent artworks completed after 2019. By Tricia Hood

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