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The Artwork collection

About the Artwork of Tricia Hood ...

I’m Tricia Hood, I hope you enjoy looking through my collection of artwork. In my work I explore a range of different mediums including:

  • graphite & ink drawings
  • watercolour paintings & illustrations
  • acrylic and mixed media paintings
  • metal art.

The Inspiration behind Tricia Hood’s work

Earlier acrylic and mixed media artworks were explorations of contemporary art techniques with whimsical elements and flourishes. Then, as Tricia’s skills developed she gravitated towards subjects reflecting her love of nature. The influence of botanical art and natural history illustration has resulted in her more recent works being more realistic in style.

Tricia’s artwork is clearly influenced by the natural environment. A desire to bring the outside in. “It is impossible not to be influenced by the beauty of the rural surrounds of my Adelaide Hills property. This region, in South Australia, provides so much inspiration”, she says.

The influence of botanical art plays a large part in the exploration of colour, shape and texture in Tricia’s artwork. The delicacy of her painting style reflects her love of detail.  “I’m lucky to have so many plants and animals in the garden to draw inspiration from.” Consequently, cottage garden flowers, native plants, animals and birds appear throughout her artwork.

Steampunk style painting on a wall

“I’ve found that my art develops, I become more vulnerable and authentic in my work. So things like my love of antiques and old things are influencing my art. As a result, I’ve found that my still life paintings evoke feelings and memories of people and times, long gone. Perhaps I’m getting more sentimental in my older age”, she laughs. “However, I find viewers are having similar feelings when they see my work. Beauty, courage, vulnerability, hope and strength are all things we experience, and which I find represented quite sub-consciously, in these current artworks.”

The Art Collection

The art collections on the following pages show the scope of Tricia Hood’s artwork. More specifically they include these three facets:

Watercolour & Drawings

Tricia's drawings & watercolour paintings are mostly botanical. Her studies explore cottage garden flowers and Australian natives as well as the occasional bird.

Acrylic & Mixed Media

Acrylic paint and mixed media lends itself to bold and bright contemporary paintings. Tricia Hood explores whimsical subjects and floral botanical paintings.

Metal Art

A lesser part of Tricia Hood's work is plasma cut metal art and smaller 3D steel sculptures. The plasma cutting is all done by hand. Subjects focus on nature and florals

“I first began painting in 2017, so the paintings in the gallery date from that time. However, the metal art designs were created for the metalwork business my husband and I run, so the have been around since much earlier”.

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"The richness I achieve comes from nature ... the source of my inspiration".
Claude Monet
Impressionist Artist