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acrylic & mixed media art

"Acrylic paints are such a versatile medium"

Tricia’s artwork is a meld of botanical and contemporary art. The two styles are vastly different, however the common thread is her love of nature and things close to home.

Tricia Hood’s lively acrylic paintings are filled with layers of vivid colour. The subjects are diverse and range from botanical flowers to whimsical characters drawn from her imagination. A defining feature of Tricia’s work is the delicate detail found in each painting. For example, look closely at the angel’s wings and you’ll find subtle detail in the feathers.

What subjects do you like to paint?

As with all her work, Tricia’s garden and property is what inspires her the most. Her floral paintings of cottage garden flowers and native Australian flora explore the bold colours of nature and it’s beauty. Tricia loves the play of light and captures it, dancing across petals where it disappears into the deeper depths of shadows.

How would you describe your style?

Some of Tricia’s work borders on realism. However, although her vividly coloured abstract paintings and contemporary artworks are a stark contrast, her lively use of colour and light is a common factor. Mixed media is sometimes introduced to emphasize whimsical themes and areas of texture. Subsequently, two dimensional paintings begin to rise to another dimension, but don’t quite get there. This paradox results in a tension which draws the observer to the painting.

I Love Your Work so can I Commission a Painting?

Yes, Tricia does take commissions but it is subject to negotiation. You can find out more about Commissions by clicking HERE.

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Steampunk style painting on a wall

Botanical Paintings & Whimsical Art

Watercolour & Drawings

Tricia's drawings & watercolour paintings are mostly of botanical themes. Her studies explore cottage garden flowers and Australian natives as well as the occasional bird.

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Metal Art

A lesser part of Tricia Hood's work is plasma cut metal art and smaller 3D steel sculptures. The plasma cutting is all done by hand. Subjects focus on nature and florals

"The richness I achieve comes from nature ... the source of my inspiration".
Claude Monet
Impressionist Artist