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drawings & watercolour

"Tricia Hood's watercolour paintings & drawings depicting flowers and birds, are as delicate as the subjects and the medium itself..."

In 2018, a short course in natural history illustration led Tricia Hood to rediscover her original love of sketching and drawing. She found herself hungry to expand her artistic skills into colour and began painting flowers with watercolour. Tricia’s love of detail comes through in her delicately executed drawings & paintings. Her love of botanical style watercolour paintings has expanded to include still life subjects. It was a natural progression into bringing more detail and colour into her watercolour paintings.

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Why do you Paint with Watercolour?

Watercolour is a delicate and somewhat unpredictable medium that captivates artists with its wonderful layering characteristics. Among its many virtues, it shines brightly when painting delicate flowers and botanical art. I discovered a connection with the delicacy of watercolour painting as it complemented my own delicate style. It’s portable and easy to cleanup, which adds to its appeal. Painting flowers in watercolour involves building many layers of paint to create depth. This demands both patience and a gentle touch. This medium fits my own unique, colourful & delicate style.

What subjects does Tricia Hood paint in watercolour?

My watercolours mostly include flowers, birds and creatures from my Adlaide Hills garden. I’ve begun to pair these with still life subjects to which I have a ‘heart’ connection. I love the small, delicate birds which frequent my property, and the noisy native bees. Still life subjects connect ‘heart and home’. The ‘Peonies in a Teacup’ series is an example of this pairing, where the subject evokes memories of family, nurture and hope.

Can I Commission a Watercolour painting?

Tricia is happy to take commissions by negotiation. You can find out more about Commissions by clicking HERE.

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Floral watercolours by Tricia Hood
Some of Tricia Hood's original watercolour paintings

Botanical & Floral Watercolour Paintings

Watercolour flower paintings are my favourite subject. Building layers of colour brings out the depth and beauty of nature. Watercolour lends itself to bringout out the translucence of petals and leaves. It’s not always possible to spend time in nature, so being surrounded by paintings of flowers and foliage is calming and grounding. Just as it is when you sit under a tree or walk through a garden.

Bird Studies in Graphite Pencil & Watercolour

The garden is my place of inspiration. Gardens are generally a grounding, peaceful place for most people. I love to watch the antics of the delicate, small birds in my Adelaide Hills garden. They bring me so much joy. They’re feisty, determined little survivors with strong social family groups. The blue wrens especially are brave, cheeky little warriors who will sometimes hop under my chair on which I sit, looking for morsels or just checking me out.

Acrylic & Mixed Media

Acrylic paint and mixed media lends itself to bold and bright contemporary paintings. Tricia Hood explores whimsical and flouncy floral themes as well as exploring botanical paintings.

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Metal Art

A lesser part of Tricia Hood's work is plasma cut metal art and smaller 3D steel sculptures. The plasma cutting is all done by hand. Subjects focus on nature and florals

"The richness I achieve comes from nature ... the source of my inspiration".
Claude Monet
Impressionist Artist