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Commission an Artwork

Commission your next watercolour or painting from Tricia Hood

 I assume you’re here because there’s something about my artwork that appeals to you, but you can’t find what you want amongst what is currently for sale.

If you’re after something in particular I’m happy to speak or meet with you to see if what you’re envisaging is something that I can help with. If that’s the case please Contact me to make an appointment to meet online via Zoom or Messenger, or by telephone. I regret that due to Covid19 and a compromised immune system, I am not currently meeting people in person.

With the exception of the plasma-cut metal art, time for commissions is currently limited. My immediate focus is on building a collection of work and developing my art business. This includes working on a collection of artworks for an exhibition.

Metalwork designs from the existing range on ‘Farmweld‘s website can be made to order at any time, with an 8-10 week turnaround. Please contact me for pricing or order through Farmweld.

Your Preferred Subject ...

If you have a particular subject in mind, you will need to provide a high quality, clear photograph that I can work from. Please note that I do not do portraits or subjects other than those you can see in the gallery. If you are not using a photo that you took yourself, you must get permission to use photographs taken by others. Alternatively, I will endeavour to compose something to suit your brief.

Commission an artwork with artist Tricia Hood. Styles include botanical, contemporary and whimsical styles in watercolour, acrylic paint or mixed media.

Interpretation & Style of the Artwork ...

If I agree to take on your commission, I will do so on the basis that the final artwork will be created as per my ‘artists interpretation’ and style. It is assumed that this is why you have commissioned me to create your unique artwork. The art will be based on a general likeness to any photograph or photographs supplied, not to the memory of the ‘subject’ nor in a hyper-realistic style.

Other Frequently Asked Questions ...

Materials and mediums:

  • All paints used as professional grade
  • Acrylic or Mixed-Media Paintings will be on stretched canvas unless another substrate is agreed to.
  • The type of canvas and stretchers used, will be entirely at the artists discretion.
  • Paints used on canvas will be acrylic paints.
  • Watercolours are generally painted on 300gsm hot or cold press paper.
  • The type of watercolour paper is entirely at the discretion of the artist.
  • Tricia does not work with oil paints. Other materials may be incorporated if it’s a mixed media piece or you have not specifically requested a particular medium be used.


As Tricia is located in a rural area there are no framing stores, locally. As such, framing is an ‘extra’ and subject to negotiation.

If you have a particular scene or picture you’d like cut from metal, Tricia can draw and cut a design for you. Corten sheets only come in 2.4m x 1.2m sizes. We can cut them down to size, or for larger projects, two or more sheets can be used next to one another for larger metal art panels. Pricing is based on size and complexity of the design.


Metal art panels will be made from corten (sculptors) steel unless otherwise agreed. The items will not be sold pre-rusted.

Three dimensional metal sculptures will be made from mild steel.

The price of the artwork and a description or brief must be agreed to by both parties in writing before the artist will start any work on the commission. Concepts such as complexity of design, decor colours to be matched, that are important to the customer are to be agreed to prior to starting on the work.

You will be given a quote. To accept the quote a 50% non refundable deposit is payable before any work starts on the commission.

The balance is due after completion of the artwork or at the time of collection.

In the event of a client being unhappy with the final artwork, the artist will by negotiation, allow for no more than two minor modifications to paintings only at no additional cost. Depending on the issue with metal art, it may not be possible to make any alterations.

Three or more modifications will incur additional charges and will be added to your invoice.

Any deadlines must be discussed and advised in writing, prior to acceptance of your quote. Some discretion will used when items are to be gifts, however you agree that no responsibility will be placed on the artist for not delivering the product within a specific timeframe.

Time frames are subject to a number of factors including the availability of the artist at the time of the order being placed. Creative work cannot be time driven.

Please note that deposits are non-refundable.

Under Australian Consumer Guarantee laws, custom made items must be paid for in full. Please refer to the ‘Terms‘ for more detail.

Tricia Hood will try to be as specific as possible when discussing commissions with you. The creative process is very fluid and what you “imagine” is not always what the artist interprets and presents from the information you give them. For this reason it’s important to be as clear and detailed as possible, especially if you have specific expectations.

In the event the final work is not what you ‘imagined’ I will try to do what I can, within reason, to remedy the situation.

Deposits will only be refunded if the artist is unable to start and/or complete the commission due to unforeseen circumstances. Delays in starting due to orders already in the system, acts of nature, ill health, etc do not constitute a reason for refund. As Tricia Hood lives in a high fire risk area, this is a reality for many months of the year.

Where possible we ask that the purchaser of a commissioned item arrange collection of the artwork. Should items need to be sent via courier/Australia Post, the customer will cover all costs of packaging and delivery unless otherwise stated or agreed to in writing. In the case of larger items, this may include crating of items. It is the customers responsibility to arrange insurance (check your household insurance policy as it may cover it).

Sales are conditional and made pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and title (or ownership) for such items pass to you upon payment in full and delivery to the carrier, or payment in full on collection.

Once items have been passed to the purchaser, their agent or carrier, they become the property and responsibility of the purchaser. If a product arrives damaged due to no fault of our own, is stolen or is misplaced, it is the purchaser’s responsibility. No refunds or replacements will be given for products missing or damaged in transit. We will however provide you with all the necessary information to make your claim.

In the event of payment default, you agree to pay all outstanding & collection costs including late payment & storage fees. Any litigation will be within the jurisdiction of South Australia.

Copyright remains with the artist, unless otherwise discussed and agreed to in writing.

Payment of your deposit confirms that you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of sale.